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The A1 State Road is part of the international European road network of the Trans-European Corridor E75. This section was constructed with funds from the CARDS program as Phase III of the "Negotino - Demir Kapija" highway. In the last decade, this section was in poor condition and was characterized by the investor as the most critical part of European Corridor 10 passing through the Republic of North Macedonia. Due to the need for rehabilitation in this condition, a Project Program was prepared in 2014, based on which a Basic Project for the rehabilitation and reconstruction of the section, covering a length of 8.6 km for both the left and right lanes, was developed. In accordance with the Project Program, the section was divided into two sections: Section where rehabilitation was performed on the stretch from km 114+673 to km 116+990 (right lane) and from km 115+050 to km 116+990 (left lane). Section where rehabilitation was performed on the stretch from km 116+990 to km 122+984 (left and right lanes). Construction activities for the rehabilitation and reconstruction of the section began in 2016. This effort provides a brief description of the activities, analyses, and the method of executing the works on the section where the rehabilitation of the road construction took place. The final conclusion is that the works for the rehabilitation of the section were successfully carried out in accordance with the project documentation, with the construction technology appropriately adapted to the complex terrain conditions. Modern materials, especially the use of modern polymer-modified bitumens in asphalt layers as experimental components in certain parts of the sections, were applied. The results of the conducted control and ongoing tests indicate that the section is capable of handling the anticipated traffic load and has been opened to traffic.

1. B.Sc. Eng. Drago Kotaranin
2. B.Sc. Eng. Kosta Zekmanovski
3. B.Sc. Geotech. Eng. Darko Atanasov
4. Admin. Assist. Svetlana Shopova
Rehabilitation, reconstruction, road construction, improved foundation.