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The scientific professional journal "ROADS" is published by the Macedonian Association of Road Engineers as its newspaper.

The Macedonian Association of Road Engineers (MARE) was founded in 1967, as a professional association of civil engineers in the field of roads in Macedonia. The statute of МАRE predicts publication of a journal in the field of roads.

However, the first issue of the scientific professional journal “ROADS” was published in April 2002. The journal was intended to be published in several issues throughout the year, in which in addition to the scientific papers (generally four in each issue), current news and information will also be published. The first Editor in Chief of the journal was grad. civ. eng. Naste Spasovski.

Issue No. 1

In the first issue, 4 scientific expert papers were published, an introductory speech by the Minister of Transport and Communications from the Government of the Republic of Macedonia, as well as other information from the field of roads. In 2004 after 9 issues of ROADS published, the journal stopped being printed due to financial and organizational difficulties. After 15 years of stagnation, in May 2019 with the support of the publisher – the President of МАRE Prof. Dr. Goran Mijoski, the scientific professional and informative journal ROADS starts printing again and today we are publishing 10th issue with an international editorial board composed of professors from five countries.

In general, four to five scientific papers, interviews with distinguished engineers, professors and authorities in the field of roads are published in all issues of the journal so far. The journal is specialized in the field of roads, so the scientific professional papers are mostly from the field of roads, but papers and information from construction and related fields are also published. The intention of the journal is to develop the scientific – professional thought in the field of roads, by publishing quality scientific works.

Articles with current projects are published in the expert-informative part of the journal from the construction sites in Macedonia and the world, also novelties in construction, new technologies and materials, mechanization, organization of congresses, scientific, expert tribunes and gatherings, in the country and abroad. As it is newspaper of the MARE, news from the activities of the association are also published. 

Papers that are published in the journal ROADS are reviewed by the members of the Editorial Board. In accordance with the High Educational Law of the Republic of Macedonia, the Editorial Board of the scientific professional journal ROADS is an international editorial board, composed of professors from several European countries.

Each issue of the journal is printed in a circulation of 1,000 copies in the Macedonian language (abstracts in English as well), making it one of the largest scientific journals in the Republic of Macedonia. In order to increase the visibility of the ROADS journal, we also publish an English version on this website.

Publication of the journal ROADS is supported by:
– S’s “Cyril and Methodius” University in Skopje
– Faculty of Civil Engineering in Skopje
– Chamber of Certified Architects and Certified Engineers of the Republic of Macedonia.