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The concern about the adverse effects of noise arises from the rapid expansion of transport infrastructure that greatly impacts the environment, and has made the countries of Europe, the United States, Australia and the Far East to massive use of sound barriers, that are designed to reduce noise in urban, semi-rural and rural environments. Sound barriers are a perfect solution for reduction of noise in Europe countries as well in Macedonia and the 2 process of alternative approaches related to the design process of the sound barriers on transport infrastructure facilities has begun. The sound barriers can be reflective, absorptive and reactive. They can also be made of barrier materials: soil, timber, sheet metal, concrete, brick, plastic, PVC, fiberglass, thatch, etc. Although the reduction of noise in a given location through the use of barriers could help to improve the problem that a development has caused to the environment, it may create others. It is important to acknowledge the effects those often large and imposing barriers may have another environmental issues. They may affect views, light, microclimate, access, wildlife and birds. Barrier design is a complicated process. The best results are likely to be achieved through the coordinated services of qualified acousticians, civil and structural engineers, landscape architects and architects. Other professional expertise may also be required, including advice from geotechnical, ecological, irrigation, horticultural and other environmental and planning specialists. If possible, the use of sound barriers should be avoided as they increase the cost of the road. Avoiding the use of noise barriers is possible if we can design the main roads as far as possible from the residential areas. It is also important to pay attention on the horizontal and vertical alignment, to see if it is possible to build tunnels and to limit the speed of the moving vehicles. The traffic noise is considered as a twentieth century phenomenon.

1.Dr. sc. Aleksandar Glavinov
2.Dr. sc. Gjorgi Dimov
3.B.Sc. Civ. Eng. Marija Micova
Absorptive barriers, environment, noise barriers, reflective barriers, road, traffic noise. surface